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This is a personal web site of Luques, who loves music, arts, cience and philosophy, and who makes some of your own musical instruments, including bagpipes.

His principal goes is "rescue" the bagpipe culture in Brazil.

On April 22th, 1500 A.C, Brazil was discovered by Pedro Álvares Cabral. In his companion, was Pero Vaz de Caminha, who wrote a letter that told to the king of Portugal, Dom Manuel, about the discover. Curiouslly, he describes the first european musical instrument that was played in Brazil: the portuguese bagpipe !
So, historically, Brazil is the first country in the "New World" (Americas) that had a bagpipe.

There are a lot of bagpipes in the world. Some of it are played in Portugal and, till the XVIII Century, it was very popular in the first portuguese-brazilian societies.

Maybe for less interesting, the societies after this century abondoned this wonderful musical instrument.

So, its our (brazilian) misson, "rescue" these beautiful musical traditions in our country.

This site, at this moment, is only in Portuguese, but has some interesting photos of the bagpipes and others musical instruments made by Luques. If you are interested in buy some of his bagpipes, visit our store clicking here

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